Wednesday, June 3, 2009

L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift - Seven Weeks

It's been about seven weeks since I started using L'Oréal® Advanced Revitalift® Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair, so it seems like a good time to update you on how that's going.

First, I should point out two details about this trial:
  • I received the samples at no charge from BzzAgent. If you'd like to know more about BzzAgent, click on these links or read my posts labeled BzzAgent. Some of those also contain my earlier impressions of Advanced Revitalift.
  • I haven't used the products as consistently as I could have. On warm nights, I don't like to apply a rich moisturizer at bedtime. I'm sure that the product would have been even more effective if I used it as directed!

Here's what I've found:

  • The SPF 15 Day Lotion is light and comfortable. I've found the SPF to be effective.
  • The Night Creme is rich and creamy. I think it would be very soothing in wintertime, but it's somewhat heavy for me in the summer.
  • Neither of these products has irritated my skin, which tends to be sensitive.
  • I don't mind the fragrance of the products, but my son doesn't care for it. ("You put that stuff on your face, didn't you?")
  • I love the way these products have made my skin so soft! It hasn't been so soft in a long time.
  • I've noticed that my laugh lines have diminished noticeably. I haven't noticed a change in the crinkles around my eyes. The laugh lines were finer wrinkles, which may account for the difference.

After seven weeks, this is my conclusion: I'll keep using L'Oréal® Advanced Revitalift® Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair. (I've already purchased another bottle!) I might not use the Night Creme every day--especially in the summer--but I'll definitely use it daily in the winter. I like the softness of my skin, the diminished laugh lines, and the SPF in the Day Lotion.

If you'd like to try the product, you can request a free sample through the L'Oreal website. I hope your results are as good as mine!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have been wanting to experiment with anti-aging creams, because have been skeptical.


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