Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garden Update - June 11

We've had another week with more rain than sun. I sneaked out to the garden yesterday to take pictures between the showers!
Most of the plants are growing well. The peppers are struggling, and the sugar snap peas look like they might need some support as they grow. I've already used all of my tomato cages, so we'll have to work on that one.

This is one of two cucumber plants in our garden. They're growing slowly, so far.

Some of the tomato plants are looking very healthy and bushy. About half of them even have blossoms.

This is one of the tomato plants that the rabbit trimmed for me. This shot also gives you a closer look at the recycled plastic-wood that my husband used to build the raised bed.

This zucchini plant is growing like a weed. Can you see the yellow blossom in the center of the plant?

This is a sugar snap pea plant. It's growing but not as fast as some of the others, and I don't know what the white residue is. Any ideas?

On to the flower beds. The chrysanthemum that looks like a daisy is starting to bloom!

The lilies are forming buds:

This miniature rose bush is a sad-looking specimen, but the flowers are pretty!

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  1. I love lillies, looks like your are almost ready.

  2. Every things looks lovely! Your cucumbers are growing faster than mine.

  3. Oh, you are going to have so many pretty Lillies soon :o) What a lovely garden.

  4. everything looks great...
    my cucumbers are growing, but s l o w l y

  5. Melissa, I don't think your rose looks pitiful at all! It is absolutely GORGEOUS! And I love the 3-column blog!!!!! Looks really great!

  6. I see you used tarp or plastic to keep the weeds out. We did something similar this year too and I LOVE IT!!!!

  7. I think lilies are one of my favorites! I even had them in my wedding bouquet. I think your rose is beautiful, not pitiful at all :) Your garden looks beautiful! Thank you for participating!


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