Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Update - Finally Stopped Raining!

We've had rain almost every day in June! You know it's been raining a lot when you find these in the lawn:
wild mushrooms

Other than the mushrooms and a crop of weeds (I don't know all of their names, other than goldenrod and dandelion), the progress is all good. All of the rain seems to have fueled a growth spurt in the garden. :)

This is a group photo of the tomato plants. Some of them have grown dramatically in the past week or so. The "Jersey Devil" seems squeezed within its cage. We have some blossoms but I don't think any fruit has set.
tomato garden

This is the zucchini that grows round fruits (I think it's EightBall):


I didn't photograph the sugar snap peas, but they were badly in need of support. I've used all of my tomato cages already, but I found one stake. I hope it helps!

I don't think I've shared any photos of my son's strawberry plants. He's been taking good care of them! There are three plants on different sides of this jar:

The flower beds were especially in need of weeding, but some of the flowers look spectacular. These are the daisy-like chrysanthemums, now in full bloom:

white chrysanthemum

The lilies are blooming! I think these are so pretty!
yellow lily

This Japanese iris was a free-with-purchase item. They've been pelted by the rain but still look pretty:
purple iris

The black-eyed Susan, which is going to need dividing this year, is getting ready to bloom. I hope to have photos of that next week.

Soon we are expecting typical New Jersey summer: humid with temperatures in the 90s. Maybe the tomatoes will start to set fruit then.

For more garden photos and inspiration, visit Stephanie's How Does Your Garden Grow? meme.


  1. What a beautiful garden! It is growing so nicely.

  2. Weather has been the same here in Northern Va too. Rain and more rain!! Your garden looks awesome though and looks like you will get a great harvest from it!

  3. Oh those lilies are just gorgeous!!! And your veggies look so pretty and green!! Very healthy looking. :)

  4. Your garden looks beautiful! It definitely likes the rain.

    Have you found a good way to get rid of mushrooms? I have been digging them up, but I don't like touching them.

  5. WOW Im so envious and jealous. I tried growing strawberries once.....lets just say we wont go into particulars, but it ended badly! hahaStopping by from SITS to leave some thursday bloggy love!

  6. Oh, your from NJ too!! Funny, because we have those mushroom growing in our beautiful landscaping too. My sons are like, what IS that??? then by the end of the day, they would shrivel up, but the next morning they were grown again. I can't wait for sunny days!!!

  7. nice to meet a fellow easterner...I'm visiting you from upstate ny....your gardens look GREAT....and love the pics of the flowers....

  8. Beautiful garden! Send some rain this way! (AZ) :)

  9. I love your picture of your lilies! They're so beautiful!

  10. How wonderful to see such a vibrant colorful garden! I'm in the north and our last frost date was June 15th - so not much color here, yet!


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