Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Classic Prayers for Children - Book Review

Laurie Latour, who created the Future Christian Homemakers lessons I've recently mentioned, also asked me if I'd like to take a look at Classic Prayers for Children. This book, originally published in 1912, was out of print for years before Laurie and her husband decided to republish it. You can find the story of how they came to do that here.

This book is cloth hardcover, imprinted with gold lettering. (My photo of the cover didn't turn out, but click on the book title above to see what it looks like.) It's roughly 6.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide. My first impressions were the old-fashioned look and the high quality of the production.

The prayers in the book are divided into sections including Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers, Table Prayers, Sickness, and General Prayers. Most of the prayers are short (less than six lines), which I think makes it easier for children to commit them to memory. Interspersed with the prayers is vintage artwork showing images of Jesus, of children praying, and so on. Here's a photo to give you an idea:

Classic Prayers page

At the end of the book is a journal section, each page topped with a Scripture (KJV) verse, where parents and children can record their own prayers.

It's a beautiful book of sweet, reverent prayers. But Classic Prayers for Children reached me in a way that doesn't fit into the preceding (very analytical) description. Let me explain:

What I most like about this book is that this collection of prayers is a wonderful example of how to pray. These prayers, collectively, cover the fundamental areas of prayer: praising God, seeking His forgiveness, thanking Him for His provision, asking for His guidance, praying for our pastors and teachers, asking God for healing in times of sickness, and submitting to the Lord's will. Whether we grow up in Christian homes or come to Christ as adults, we all learn how to pray. This book is an outstanding resource for that.

Classic Prayers for Children sells for less than $10. This is a book that I hope to pass along, someday, to my grandchildren. I encourage you to take a look at it.

Laurie and her husband are planning a one-week special "Christmas in July Sale," July 13 - 20th. You'll be able to order the book directly from them and receive free shipping. In addition, for orders of two or more books, they'll apply a 10% discount: each copy of Classic Prayers for Children will be just $9.00.

I encourage you to mark the sale dates on your calendar and consider purchasing this book for the children in your life. Whether you save it for Christmas, mail it to far-off relatives, or give it as a gift for any occasion, I think this is an incredible deal.

[Disclosure: I am not being paid to write this review, although I received the book at no cost to me. Laurie asked me to look at it and then decide whether to review it here, and she has never asked, directly or indirectly, for a favorable review. My review and recommendation, as always, are based on my personal opinions.]


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