Friday, June 12, 2009

Cheaper Cell Phones

I carry a cell phone, but I use it--maybe--six times a year. It's for emergencies, not for routine conversations. We had a plan that cost $15 a month for limited minutes. It was a great deal, but my husband found something that costs even less.

There are at least a few pay-as-you-go phone plans, but we use STI Mobile. There are a few plans, but for low-volume users, one option costs 9 cents per day plus 8.9 cents per minute. Texting, web browsing, and other services cost extra, but we don't use those features.

We purchased our phones and we get our refill airtime cards from Cheap Phone Cards. Read the fine print of the STI Mobile plans. There are a few details to watch--such as the requirement to use the phone at least once every 60 days--but otherwise it's pretty straightforward.

Here's a pleasant surprise: When I looked up the rates to share this with you, I noticed that the current rates are lower than the plan we've been using. My husband just called STI Mobile and had our plan changed to the current one. It's just a penny a day cheaper, but those pennies add up!

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  1. We use prepaid too. We live in a very rural area, plus we are surround by foothills so we don't get any kind of signal out here. I go to town just a few days a week, but I do like having a cell phone with me, especially since we live 30 minutes out in the boonies. :) Paying $40 a month for a cell phone just didn't work for us because we don't use it much. Prepaid works well for us too.

  2. YES! Those pennies count!

    This is a reminder to everyone, check out your plans, subscriptions, dues, or whatever, that company might be offering a deal. Its worth a call to find out if you can get it too.

  3. This is a great idea. I like for my teens to carry a phone when they are out. Fortunately, they are not talkers or texters, so they rarely use it. I have been paying 15.oo a month for them to call me several times a month.


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