Friday, May 29, 2009

Saving on Spices

Ever look at the Nutrition Facts for garlic salt? A 1/4-teaspoon serving contains 490 milligrams of sodium. Just for comparison, I looked up the sodium content of table salt. The values I found online aren't consistent, but range from 490 milligrams to 570 milligrams per 1/4 teaspoon.

What this suggests to me is that garlic salt is really (garlic) SALT!

Compare the prices at my supermarket:

Table salt (store brand, 26 ounces) 47 cents
Garlic powder (lowest priced, 2.5 ounces) 99 cents
Garlic salt (store brand, 15 ounces) $2.29

Since garlic salt is nearly all salt, why pay 15 cents per ounce instead of 2 cents per ounce for regular salt?

Onion salt is similar: 390 milligrams of sodium in 1/4 teaspoon--so it's nearly all salt--but it costs 27 cents per ounce.

We use a lot of garlic powder and almost as much onion powder. I save money--and reduce our sodium intake--by purchasing the powders instead of the salt blends.

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  1. I almost never use garlic salt for those very reasons. I am a fan of fresh however I add garlic powder near the end of cooking to keep that wonderful flavor from cooking away!

  2. garlic salt for all that we cook normally

  3. LOL! I love how you put that (garlic) SALT. It's true though. :) We use alot of garlic powder and onion powder too.

  4. Glad you pointed this out - I also use mostly the powders instead of the salt and now I'm doubly glad to know it's cheaper!!


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