Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Read the Fine Print

On the back of the label--in very, very small letters--are these words:
"Product of Switzerland."

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  1. I guess you always have to read the fine print...wonder why they would call the chocolate "Canada?"

  2. One Mom - We bought the chocolate at a gift shop in Canada, so I guess it was packaged for tourists like us. We didn't see the Switzerland label until we'd brought it home. Not that there's anything wrong with Swiss chocolate, of course, but we laughed when we read it!

  3. Hey, it's chocolate. I'll take it where I can get it. That's funny.

  4. Well, it took some creativity to come up with that name then. Too funny!

  5. LOL! When my husband was in the Netherlands he went in search of gifts for the kids. He gave up because everything he found was made in China for American companies and then imported to the Netherlands. He did bring home wonderful pictures, coffee, and an authentic pair of wooden shoes (with a gov. stamp indicating they were made in the Netherlands.


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