Monday, May 4, 2009

May 7 - National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer banner This Thursday, May 7, is the Annual National Day of Prayer in the United States. I encourage you to consider joining with me--and millions of other Americans--to pray for our country.

Regardless of your political inclination, I encourage you to pray for the United States and our leaders. If I may borrow from the National Day of Prayer website, I'll say this: "We must ask the Lord to bless our leaders with wisdom and protection, and that we will have the fortitude to overcome the challenges at hand. If Roosevelt, the Pilgrims and Lincoln never underestimated the power of prayer, neither should we."

For more information, visit the National Day of Prayer website.


  1. I agree with you on prayer.. Our nation needs it. One big thing that troubles me is that our nation's capitol has not announced, at least as of yesterday, what they are doing. It seems that they do not believe in the power of prayer, or think they do not need it. All the more we need to pray!

  2. I'll join in. It's an easy way for me to remember my Dad's anniversary. They made it a point to get married on that day.


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