Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Finally Took the Plunge

After reading from so many other bloggers about the amazing SwagBucks program, I finally took the plunge and signed up. They're offering 3 SwagBucks upon signup, and I won 2 more SwagBucks on my very first search. (Probably everyone does, but it's still encouraging!)

I've read reports of people earning lots of SwagBucks, just by searching the web as usual. There's a marketplace, so to speak, where you can earn one SwagBuck for every $5 that you spend at vendors like and The refer-a-friend program looks pretty good, too.

SwagBucks are redeemable for prizes, sweepstakes ("swagstakes") entries, and gift cards. For gift cards, the SwagBucks are not redeemed on a dollar-for-dollar basis; the ratio varies depending on the merchant you choose. For example, the $5 Amazon gift card costs 45 SwagBucks ... but for, you can get a $3 gift card for 4 SwagBucks.

How have you done on SwagBucks? Let me know, and I'll keep you posted on how it goes for me.

Search & Win


  1. I am just letting my swag buck build up. I am to $150 do far. I really just use it as my search engine. I don't really work to build them up.

  2. Yes it's good. I've been using it for a couple months now and have about 150 SB. Not sure what the above poster means by they are at $150 so far as you don't earn money with SwagBucks you earn points to redeem for items such as giftcards etc not cash though!


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