Friday, May 22, 2009

Hooked on Spring Flowers

Julia, over at Hooked on Houses, asked what makes us happy -- what we're hooked on. This week I'm thinking about the burst of spring color in my garden!

This coreopsis plant, which I think is called 'Nana,' is only in full bloom like this for a short time each spring. It'll flower sporadically until cold weather arrives in the fall, but it's never more beautiful than it is right now.

This plant has thrived in a difficult part of my garden. It has survived drought and an accidental shot of weed killer. Because of its hardiness and these gorgeous yellow flowers, this coreopsis has become one of my favorite flowers.

For more photos of the plants that will soon find homes in my garden, see yesterday's post. To see what makes others happy and to add your own link, visit Hooked on Houses. And for more of the finer things in life, visit Amy.


  1. I love coreopsis!!! I just started writing a post last night about the flowers in my yard!! I love this time of year when everything is pretty and colorful. :)

    By the way, thanks for the post on OSW! I'm gaining confidence about making cards. LOL!! I can do this. ;)

  2. Gorgeous flowers! I've tried... but I'm no good with flowers. :( Really could use some color in my yard!


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