Friday, May 1, 2009

CVS Bargains

Today we stopped at CVS to get a bottle of L'Oreal Revitalift before the sale ends. With $4 immediate savings plus $4 Extra Bucks, it's a good deal!

I also needed to get prescriptions filled. I never knew that CVS gives Extra Bucks for prescription purchases. Through June 15, if you take in the printable coupon here, they'll double those bucks ($2 for two prescriptions, instead of $1). The offer is available in most, but not all, states.

While I was waiting for my prescriptions, I scanned my Extra Care card at the price checker and got some coupons.

One was a coupon for $2 off 2 Gold Emblem nuts. My son figured out months ago that this coupon works on chocolate-covered nuts as well as regular ones. Check out this deal:

The bags were 99 cents each, so they were free after coupon. The cashier didn't quite know what to do when she looked at the register and saw that the total was zero.

CVS also had the last of the Easter merchandise marked down by 90%. My son's eyes gravitated to these three chocolate bunnies:

At 29 cents each, these bunnies practically hopped into our basket.

Couponing isn't my favorite way to save money, but I couldn't pass up these deals!


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