Friday, May 8, 2009

Affordable Vacation Souvenirs (Giveaway)

When I was a kid, my dad used to say that it was less expensive to buy a postcard than to take ten or fifteen photographs in an attempt to get that perfect shot. While this may not be as true in this digital age as it was then, he was absolutely right.

My son has decided to collect postcards from vacations, and I think it's an excellent choice. Each postcard is inexpensive, and the collection is easy to store. He loves to look through the collection and sort the cards in various ways. The photos and descriptions help him to remember details that he might have forgotten, and he learns more every time he looks through his collection.

We occasionally buy another souvenir if we find something special, but our shopping usually consists mostly of shopping around for quality postcards at a reasonable price. On our recent vacation, we found postcards as expensive as 89 cents each, and as inexpensive as 5 cents each! The 5-cent postcards were not as high-quality as the others, but we found some very attractive cards for 20 cents each.

So my frugal tip--and what we're hooked on--is collecting postcards as vacation souvenirs. A bonus tip, of which Angela reminded me, is to check out stores like Walmart and Walgreens for souvenirs.

I'd also like to send a Niagara Falls postcard to one person who leaves a comment. It's a small, inexpensive prize, but I hope it's fun--and it won't add to your clutter! You can choose whether I address the card to you or send it, blank, in an envelope. I'll choose a winner randomly at noon (Eastern time) on Thursday, May 14. Everyone (US and international) is welcome to enter. Just leave a comment, and be sure to leave a way to contact you. Thanks!

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Updated 5/15: We have a winner! I'll announce her name after she claims her prize.

Updated 5/23: I'm sorry I'm late posting this. The winner is Buffie from Pillaging with Buffie! Her prize is already in the mail. Congratulations!


  1. I collected postcards as a kid and have a great srapbook of all the places I went and other family members would send them to me when they were away! It is a neat idea!

  2. Hi Melissa! Thanks for visiting my blog. Isn't Mary (Pile of Smiles) wonderful?! I just love her and I'm glad to make your acquaintence. Your postcard collecting is a great tradition to pass along to your family! Happy Mother's Day weekend!

  3. That is a fabulous idea! I know my boys would love to have a collection they can call their own and it is great for memories. WalMart and Walgreens are a great tip...both have local postcards and shirts. Do you store your postcards in a photo album?

    Thank you for the idea of using the ground beef in the slow cooker. I use it for crock pot lasagna but never thought to use it for chili and we are great chili fans.

  4. Postcards are great. They usually have very nice pictures on them and you gotta love the ease of storing them.

  5. Good idea! We collect those smooshed pennies you can make in those lil machines. The kind that imprint the name of the vacation spot or attraction? They cost 51 cents to make. My son thinks they are neat.


  6. Great idea. Sometime ago when travel abroad, I decided to get table photo books. They had all the info, pictures and history. I would not be able to remember all the history. We are planning a trip this summer out west. I will think about the post cards. as well as digital photos and photo books.

  7. I like this idea! My kids would really get into it. Thanks for joining my blog party and sharing this post with us! :-)

  8. Hi! Thanks for visiting me, and wow, you're right - our postcard posts are pretty similar (I think that means great minds think alike :) I see you're almost 45 - I will be later this year, as well. VERY hard to believe!


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