Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Which Way Are You Moving? - 31 Days

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I've heard it said that it's impossible to be stagnant in the Christian faith:  if you're not moving forward, you're moving backward.  For me that's pretty convicting!

Right now I'm working on four studies:   Proverbs (Sunday school), 1 Peter (small group), John (women's Bible study), and discipleship (on my own).  I feel as though I'm learning, growing, and moving forward.

However, I've never studied so much in the past, and I've had times when I "didn't have time" to spend in the Word.  (Shhh ... keep that to yourself, okay?)  I was definitely sliding backward at those times.

The dangerous thing is this.  I can get started with moving forward and quickly gain momentum.  Moving backward is usually a gradual process.  I miss one day of spending time with God.  Then I miss another, then another.  It's a slow drift, and sometimes I don't even notice it happening.  One day something makes me notice just how large the gap between God and me has gotten.

I doubt that I'm the only one who has experienced this.  Have you?  Are you moving forward or backward?


PS:  If you are participating in the 31 Day / Five Minute challenge and your blog runs on WordPress, I have probably tried to leave a comment in the past two days.  For some reason those comments just disappear when I click Post.  I'm trying to resolve the problem!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Perfect Summer (DVD Review)

I know it's not summer anymore, but I think this is a year-round movie.  Maybe the beach scenes will even take you back to summer!

(I received a copy of this DVD, at no cost to me, for review purposes.)
In "The Perfect Summer," fatherless teenager Jake (Adam Horner) is happy living in Chicago, until his mother (Sydney Penny) decides to uproot them to a small surfing town where her estranged father (Eric Roberts), Jake's grandfather, lives. The transition isn't easy for anyone and it seems everywhere he goes, Jake manages to make enemies, including the town bully, Tyler (JD Banks), who doesn't like the new interloper or his interest in young surfing prodigy, Kayla (Katie Garfield). Stuck in the beach town with no friends and no knowledge of surfing, Jake has nowhere to turn until Cody (Jason Castro), the local surf shop owner, reveals that Jake's grandfather is a surf legend. Tired of feeling like an outcast, Jake asks Lou to teach him about surfing. Jake learns to face his fears, push through inhibitions and realizes that winning the respect of his new peers - and Katie's heart - might mean facing the biggest challenge of his life.
So this would be a nightmare for many teenagers, right?  Involuntarily moving halfway across the country to a place where he knows no one, he doesn't fit in, and he can't even get internet wasn't good for Jake, either.  He feels lost, and sometimes it seems that the only attention he gets is from the town bully.  After a while he meets Cody, who turns out to be the key to getting Jake on a better path.

Jake faces some major challenges in "The Perfect Summer," and he really has to stretch himself to meet them.  Realistically, his efforts don't always go well the first time.  Cody (played by Jason Castro, whom you may know from "American Idol" and contemporary Christian music) is a fun character.

My husband and son didn't much care for this movie, but I liked it.  I think it's entertaining as well as inspirational.  The theme of working through challenges is a strong one.  I also appreciate that it's family-friendly (Dove "Family-Approved").

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Monday, September 29, 2014

31 Days, 5 Minutes a Day

After some internal debate, I decided to go for it.

Every year The Nester hosts a 31-Day writing challenge, which can be found at 31 Days.  The challenge is to blog every day in the month of October.  The posts should all relate to the same theme.

This year Kate Motaung, who hosts Five Minute Friday, has created a "challenge within the challenge."  This one is to post something every day in October, but to write each post in five minutes flat.  It's like Five Minute Friday every day for a month!

Making a commitment to blog every day was overwhelming.  But five minutes a day?  That I can do.

For 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, the posts can--but need not be--centered on one topic.  Kate has provided a list of writing prompts, which we can use--or not.  Click through the logo above to get all the details and to link up.  I hope you'll join up with this fun and daring group of free-writing bloggers!

I'll post a DVD review tomorrow and start my 31 Days on Wednesday.  Subscribe using the links in the right-hand column if you want to be sure not to miss anything.  Hope to see you here!

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